Roborace is an all-electric autonomous-car racing series.

Each racing team has programmers who are responsible for customizing the algorithms within the self-driving software that monitors these autonomous vehicles.

Competitions within the series even allow self-driving cars versus human drivers.

Organisers say the AI racers are about 5-10% away from getting to the human level of performance.

Self-driving cars in racing are getting closer to actually becoming a reality.

This is up-and-coming state-of-the-art motor sport is recognized as autonomous racing currently being led by Roborace, a series that has all-electric self-driving race cars.

It’s a competition created to provide each race team with identical cars, having the same powertrain, chassis, and identical self-driving software; however, the teams are responsible for customizing and improving the algorithms that ultimately control the cars and allow them to navigate multiple racetracks on their own.

The company’s prized Robocar, a completely driverless and fully autonomous vehicle, already proved just what it’s capable of at last year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed when it became the first self-driving race car to finish the event’s famous hill climb.

With the inaugural season coming up real soon, Roborace’s chief strategy officer, Bryn Balcombe, shared everything racing fans need to know about the company and this unique new motor sport.

Roborace is a completely new type of motor sport that we’ve been developing for the last 2 and a half years, focusing on the mega-trends that are happening in the automotive industry, so electric, connected, and autonomous technologies. How does motor sport play a role in developing that for the future, showcasing the technology, and building trust with the public.

This year Roborace is planning to introduce Season Alpha – an experimental year, where they’re looking at lots of different formats with lots of different types of competition. Their main drive is to push the advancement in the software.