Just a few months ago, it was unthinkable, but then the Formula 1 (F1) season finally took place. Even fans are waiting for F1 to announce the full schedule after 8 races are confirmed earlier.

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No spectators, a strict inspection program, members of the racing teams are limited exposure and implement social spacing measures to limit the risk of corona virus spread. However, all that matters is that the season finally takes place, with the Austrian Grand Prix opening over the weekend at the Austrian Red Bull Ring.

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8 stages of the opening race

According to F1’s initial schedule before the Covid-19 pandemic, there were 22 races, which started in Australia on March 15, but then the worldwide crisis caused some of the first races. delayed or canceled. Instead, F1 hopes to be able to organize from 15 to 18 stages and for the immediate future, the first 8 sections extending from early July to early September have been announced in Europe.

According to F1’s plan, the races take place in Europe, Asia and then to the Americas. The problem is that the ability to organize events after September is being put in front of a big question mark due to the limited time fund, many countries have not resumed air transport. That is to say, by announcing the first eight races in Europe, it was about talking about losses and profits, F1 at least guaranteed that they could call this the 2020 season.

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As you know, the season’s opening race in Austria took place over the weekend. According to the previously announced race schedule, there will be 2 consecutive races at the same track, at the Red Bull Ring in Austria and at Silverstone in England. Obviously, F1 does not call this the two stages of the Austrian Grand Prix and the two stages of the British Grand Prix. Exactly there are 2 stages of Grand Prix in each race of Red Bull Ring and Silverstone but the name is completely different. Accordingly, the next race in Austria will be Styrian Grand Prix, named after the region with the track there. The second race at Silverstone is the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix, set to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the first F1 race in 1950.