First place at the Eifel Grand Prix on October 11, Lewis Hamilton had 91st victory in F1 career, equal to the record of legendary Michael Schumacher.

Due to a match on the Sochi race on September 27, Hamilton could not match his senior after completing the Russian Grand Prix. It was not until the race at Nurburgring (Germany) yesterday that the British racer was longing for it since he was a teenager. However, developments at the Eifel Grand Prix showed that Hamilton’s victory was not too convincing. Opportunities only opened for him after teammate Valtteri Bottas made mistakes and had engine problems and had to give up soon.

At F1 this season, the stages he finished first came after Hamilton won the pole. Bottas’s dominance in the qualifying round and pole win on Saturday 10/10 is more or less skeptical about the chance for Hamilton to win 91. First place at Sochi seems to help Bottas regain his confidence. The development at the beginning of the race partly showed the fighting strength of the Finnish racer.

His 91st win goal spurred Hamilton to the top right from the start, and a good start helped the British racer overtake his half-body teammate as the team reached Turn 1. However, Bottas showed grimness. after the first few seconds of playing. The Finnish racer W11 immediately sped up and returned to the top right from Turn 2.

In the back, Max Verstappen (Red Bull) silently followed, waiting for the chance Mercedes duo mishandled. However, after regaining the first place, Bottas completely controlled the situation, not giving his teammate Hamilton a chance to attack again. The distance between the two W11s was maintained at almost two seconds. Although unable to attack, Hamilton was not discouraged. He keeps a steady pace at a high level so that Bottas does not get too far behind.

The pressure from his teammates suddenly made Bottas make a mistake. The late cornering brake caused the Finnish racer to drive wide in a difficult corner of the turn 1, round 13. Incredible mistake made Bottas overcame by his teammate Hamilton in the next corner. The loss of the tire after this error also caused the Finnish driver to pit in the next round and dropped to fourth.

A few minutes later, luck suddenly smiled at Hamilton. Virtual safety vehicle status is declared at round 16, because of a collision between two cars of Kimi Raikkonen (Alfa Romeo) and George Russel (Williams). The race must slow down to ensure safety. Taking this opportunity, Hamilton immediately returned to the pit to change the tire, at the same time Verstappen also returned to the technical area. After returning to the track, the two still run ahead of Bottas.