Three years passed and Williams-Honda dominated with a superior chassis/turbo combination, but Alain Prost retained his title at the end of the season in Adelaide after Williams’s teammates Nigel Mansell and Piquet competed with each other throughout the year and Nigel received great disappointment over a tire explosion in Australia.

By 1994, Michael Schumacher had won the first of the seven world titles on the Benetton when Williams won the title of the best racing team after the death of Ayrton Senna’s season and struggled with aerodynamics on the FW16.

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Five years later, Mika Hakkinen successfully defended the world title in a McLaren after a choking race with Eddie Irvine. However, that was when the lead driver of Ferrari, Schumacher broke his leg at Silverstone and missed the race.

Since then, in the last 21 years, it happened only once when Lewis Hamilton of McLaren won the world title in 2008, when he passed Felipe Massa by more than 1 point in the last leg in Brazil, and Ferrari won the championship. world for the best racing team.

And now

In a time when there were many big changes in F1 such as the budget limit, it was difficult for us to have an equal race for the riders. If so, the only way to do that is to spin the riders on the teams during the season.

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This year, the best thing is that the season can still take place after a long period of stagnation. However, no matter how excited, in reality only one car can compete. In other words, the world title probably does not fall outside the names of Hamilton or Valterri Bottas are Mercedes.

There’s no denying Hamilton is an excellent racer, but is he on a higher level than the other competitors? Instead of giving an answer, Hamilton’s best driving in seven consecutive racing seasons helped him get closer to Schumacher’s record of seven-time championship. Remember, Schumacher also drove the best car in 11 F1 seasons, and thus, he won 91 races.

To make it easier to imagine, we compare tennis. Imagine him having thousands of hours of practice, taking care of himself, making sacrifices and eventually making it into the Top 100 in the world. He found himself on the main tour, at the Grand Slam draws but when he got there, he had to meet Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer with a wooden racket. That’s almost like the situation where 90% of F1 drivers find themselves having to face off against Hamilton or Bottas.

After all, Hamilton has dominated F1 for five of the past six years. In 2016 alone, Nico Rosberg defeated him, but the German driver was his teammate at Mercedes. And so, once again, there’s all reason to say that, aside from Hamilton and Bottas, the F1 season seems to have ended.