This season, only one vehicle has shown the ability to win the Formula 1 (F1) races. And this means that 90% of the drivers have no chance of winning the title. Could history not be otherwise?

The Styrian Grand Prix is ​​certainly still fascinating because of what happens to the Ferrari team, as their two riders eliminate themselves before the actual race begins.

An interesting question arises: In the 70-year F1 history, only one person has won more than one world championship with the car not winning the best team title in the same year. Who is that?

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Upstream history

It is difficult, but not impossible, because since having the best team title in 1958, about 8 years after the title for riders, only 8 people have done that. It took 15 years before Jackie Stewart won the title with the Tyrrell team, while Lotus drivers Ronnie Peterson and Emerson Fittipaldi shared more victories and the Colin Chapman team won the title of best team. Best.

Three years later, James Hunt did the same for McLaren in the epic 1976 season and was made into the Rush movie, when Ferrari won the championship for the best racing team. However, Hunt’s victory was also helped by the fact that Niki Lauda was absent from the important race after the accident at the Nurburgring race.

Giải đua xe Công thức 1 năm 2020: Ngoài Mercedes không có ai cả ...

For the next five years, Brabham’s Nelson Piquet won as Williams drivers including defending champions Alan Jones and Carlos Reutemann won the title of best race team.

That fact happened three consecutive years in the early 1980s, right after the days of using Cosworth engines came to an end and high-priced turos appeared. Keke Rosberg only won the first stage with the Williams FW08, but it was enough for him to win the title in the year when Ferrari’s 126C2 was classy but Gilles Villeneuve died at the Zolder race, Belgium (1982) and teammate Didier Pironi had an accident during a test run and ended his career at Hockenheim.

Piquet won again in 1983 to win the second of its three titles in just the second year in Brabham with a BMW Renault, while Ferrari won the championship for the best racing team.