With the Formula 1 (F1) season going to take place in Austria in July, the coronavirus crisis makes the reserve drivers suddenly get special attention because it is very likely that a certain driver will positive for Covid-19 and required isolation.

In fact, Formula 1 boss Chase Carey mentioned this issue in a recent video interview when asked how they would react to positive cases at the end of the race.

As usual, some teams have their own reserve riders, some can call a driver from a sister team, and others have to borrow third party troops.

In addition, free riders are ready to race at any time when they have a lot of experience such as Fernando Alonso, Nico Hulkenberg and Sergey Sirotkin.

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However, except for some teams who always have reserve riders on the same team every weekend of racing, others are at home waiting, meaning they are ready to catch a last-minute flight if needed. The theory is that, but the current situation is more complicated because any reserve driver needs to have the latest negative test results and must comply with the strict travel restrictions that F1 will apply to. all employees.

In addition, commercial flights are currently severely restricted, and therefore, it will not be easy for a reserve rider to board the plane on Thursday or Friday. This will force teams to ensure that their reserve team is present at each location and ready when notified. In return, they also have to compromise with these riders because often they only race with simulation equipment in the factory.

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It is also a matter of time because there is a big difference between whether you need to find a driver on Friday night before the weekend race, or the week before the next leg, when you have more time to prepare. .

Reserve points Mercedes: Stuttgart Formula E driver, who used to race in F1 with McLaren in 2018, was officially named on the reserve list earlier this year. The team can also call Esteban Gutierrez, who had a recent F1 season with Haas in 2016.