On Friday, August 14, 2020, the sixth race of the 2020 season officially took place at the Circuit de Catalunya-Barcelona racetrack in Spain. 

Vettel will have a more positive record when the 4-time runner has only got 10 points after 5 races this season.

The fifth stage of the season is the race that marks the 70th anniversary of the F1 races on the Silverstone track in England over the weekend once again creating the appeal for the fans.

It seemed that victory was easy for the Mercedes duo, but with the daring and extremely smart tactics plus the setup of the W11 is not really compatible with the tires on the track in England, Red Bull helped his main driver, Verstappen, win the final, although he was only fourth when the race started.

Đua xe F1, Spanish Grand Prix 2020: Bài toán nhiệt độ và lốp xe ở Barcelona - 1

Except for the first race that had to give up, the Dutch driver’s 4 next races were present on the podium with 1 first place, 2 second place and 1 third prize, it can be said. Verstappen is quite stable at the moment.

Returning to the Circuit de Catalunya with the familiarity of almost all racers, including in official competition and in pre-season trials, another spot on the winning podium for Verstappen is completely.

A tire explosion during the fourth race of Hamilton and Bottas led to Mercedes having to recalibrate the car setup for the 5th race. However, the new settings did not seem to be doing the job as expected, both Mercedes cars wear their tires quite quickly and affect the strategy of the whole team.

However, with the bravery of the last 6-time world champion, Hamilton won the final second place to maintain his leading advantage in conquering the 7th championship in his career.

Đua xe F1, Spanish Grand Prix 2020: Bài toán nhiệt độ và lốp xe ở Barcelona - 2

In Catalunya, although the teams have many parameters, the current race is not a small challenge. After two races struggling with tire problems, Mercedes could once again be beaten by Red Bull if similar situations continue.

In order to maintain its advantage with having a pretty perfect battle vehicle, Mercedes needs to better understand the characteristics of the Pirelli tires at the moment.

The weather in Spain at the moment is very hot and the temperature of the track is up to 50oC. In fact, the racing teams only tried and competed here around February and May, this return, with the current weather situation being a big challenge for the teams.

A blurred Ferrari race when Vettel failed to do anything and he could not earn himself any points. With a one-pitstop strategy, Ferrari did everything to do for Leclerc and the final result could only be a modest 4th place when the race is over.

With a Vettel with no motivation to play and a car unable to compete for the winning positions, it would be too difficult for Ferrari to have a strong record this season. In the current situation, they are still competing for third place with rivals that Ferrari never seems to mind.

Perez returned after 2 weeks of isolation due to his positive Covid-19 virus. That will probably give the Racing Point even more power once their familiar steering wheel is back. The race in the middle top becomes hostile again when it is predicted that the chases will continue, overtaking and will also contribute significantly to the final result of the race.

Ferrari’s Vettel and McLaren’s Carlos Sainz will have a new chassis for their car in Spain, hoping Vettel will have a better performance when the four-time rider VDT only gets 10 points after 5 races.

The C1-C2-C3 (Hard-Medium-Soft) tire combo will be supplied by Pirelli to the teams in the Spanish GP. Tactics will be able to 1 or 2 pitstop depending on the specific situation after the test runs for 2 days Friday and Saturday. Mercedes will still be the first choice, but the track developments as well as the team’s tactics will be something worth seeing in the teams’ return to Catalunya in the 2020 season.