After the first run, in the final timed run of the Q1 qualifying round, although Hamilton did not roll to compete, no driver had surpassed this driver’s previous performance.

The Ferrari racer duo right from this qualifying round continued to disappoint fans when Vettel struggled to get 13th place and Leclerc ranked 15, just enough to go. next to the Q2 ranking round.

Also in the first run the defending champion immediately became the fastest interim at 1 minute 42 seconds 014 ‰. Bottas is still unable to surpass his teammate and is only 0.112 seconds slower. Meanwhile, racer Ricciardo suddenly overcame Verstappen and temporarily ranked third after the first run.

At the last run of this qualifying round, all 15 riders use C4 tires. Although the Mercedes racer duo did not improve their own performance, but the rest did not surpass their achievements, except to improve their own position from the top 3. similarly in the previous qualifying round, driver Lewis Hamilton was once again the fastest runner in Q2.

The current downside that Ferrari has not overcome is that the SF1000 lacks speed in the straight line. Meanwhile, the Spa-Francorchamps race is a place to show the power of long straight lines.

Therefore, the two positions 13, 14 on the Q2 rankings and not going to the Q3 ranking round did not surprise the fans, but only extended the disappointment with the racing team.

The red tire set is the choice of all 10 remaining riders in the Q3 classification round. Hamilton rolled first and quickly set up 1 minute 41 seconds 451 ‰, temporarily the fastest, this is also the fastest new record in a lap so far.

Teammate Bottas was still temporarily 0.578 seconds slower, while Renault’s Ricciardo suddenly overcame Verstappen when it was only 0.610 seconds behind.

At the last run is also the decisive turn, driver Lewis Hamiton once again improves himself, at the same time breaking his own record just set in the last run, while the rest no one can overcome.

The fastest record in one lap (1 minute 41 seconds 252 ‰) at Spa-Francorchamps was set, the pole was deserved by driver Lewis Hamilton because he had an excellent day of classification, extremely impressive, set and broke the fastest record in a lap here.

Bottas, though finishing second on the official race day, is 0.511 seconds slower. Verstappen is similar and is 0.526 seconds slower. Renault’s Ricciardo had an equally impressive day, fourth place on the official start day was completely matched by what he had shown during the qualifying day.