After two weeks of rest, Formula 1 2020 is continued by the 7th race of the season at the prestigious Spa-Francorchamps race.

Up to now, all advantages have returned to the Mercedes racing team as the season is slowly passing the first half of the race. However, in another development, the race has just been decided by the Organizing Committee to add 4 more races to the season, bringing the total number of races of this season to 17 races.

Both the world and fans will probably love this decision except for the Mercedes racing team, but as of now how many more races there are now, it probably won’t affect them much because they are reach the peak of strength over the rest.

Back to the main developments of the race day, driver Lewis Hamilton is still the brightest spot, maintaining his performance, the fastest in all three ratings and excelling at winning the Belgian GP 2020 race pole, thereby excelling. first played on official race day.

At the start of the race day, the weather was cloudy but not raining, the regional temperature reached 16 degrees C but the asphalt absorption temperature reached 25 degrees C, the humidity reached 61%. This is said to be an ideal temperature on a long track but will be difficult to calculate pit stop tactics for engineers.

The C4 tire set (soft red rim) is the main choice of most riders in the first round of the Q1 ranking. The Haas team racer duo appeared first at the Q1 classification and were also the riders to set up the first timed lap, in which Grosjean reached 1 minute 45 seconds 073 ‰.

However, the old chorus immediately came back when the racers like Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas, Max Verstappen appeared. On the first timed run, the defending champion immediately became the fastest interim racer in the Q1 qualifying round at 1 minute 42 seconds 323 ‰. Red Bull’s teammate Bottas and driver Max Verstappen both had a corner, so he could not be the fastest.