Bottas finished first in the Russian Grand Prix (Part 1)

The heavy penalty caused Lewis Hamilton to return to three, watching his Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas win the F1 race in Sochi. Compared with the struggles of the September 26 qualifying round, Hamilton was even more difficult when entering the official race on the Sochi race on Sunday, September 27. Due to two training starts […]

F1 racing, Belgian GP 2020 classification: The Pole cannot escape Hamilton’s hand (Part 2)

After the first run, in the final timed run of the Q1 qualifying round, although Hamilton did not roll to compete, no driver had surpassed this driver’s previous performance. The Ferrari racer duo right from this qualifying round continued to disappoint fans when Vettel struggled to get 13th place and Leclerc ranked 15, just enough […]

F1 racing, Belgian GP 2020 classification: The Pole cannot escape Hamilton’s hand (Part 1)

After two weeks of rest, Formula 1 2020 is continued by the 7th race of the season at the prestigious Spa-Francorchamps race. Up to now, all advantages have returned to the Mercedes racing team as the season is slowly passing the first half of the race. However, in another development, the race has just been […]

F1 racing, Spanish Grand Prix 2020: The temperature and tire problem in Barcelona

On Friday, August 14, 2020, the sixth race of the 2020 season officially took place at the Circuit de Catalunya-Barcelona racetrack in Spain.  Vettel will have a more positive record when the 4-time runner has only got 10 points after 5 races this season. The fifth stage of the season is the race that marks […]

Looking forward to F1 racing news schedule (Part 1)

Just a few months ago, it was unthinkable, but then the Formula 1 (F1) season finally took place. Even fans are waiting for F1 to announce the full schedule after 8 races are confirmed earlier. Football today. Football news. Football schedule. Live football. Bruno recreates Ronaldo’s achievements at MU. Barca reached an agreement with Lautaro […]

Formula 1 racing tournament in 2020: There is no one besides Mercedes (Part 2)

Three years passed and Williams-Honda dominated with a superior chassis/turbo combination, but Alain Prost retained his title at the end of the season in Adelaide after Williams’s teammates Nigel Mansell and Piquet competed with each other throughout the year and Nigel received great disappointment over a tire explosion in Australia. By 1994, Michael Schumacher had […]

Formula 1 racing tournament in 2020: There is no one besides Mercedes (Part 1)

This season, only one vehicle has shown the ability to win the Formula 1 (F1) races. And this means that 90% of the drivers have no chance of winning the title. Could history not be otherwise? The Styrian Grand Prix is ​​certainly still fascinating because of what happens to the Ferrari team, as their two […]

Formula 1 racing: The era of reserve drivers (Part 2)

Red Bull/AlphaTauri Sergio Sette Camera was seen as a substitute driver for both Red Bull Racing and Alpha Tauri earlier this year. However, the situation is complicated by Brazil’s commitment to attend the Super Formula in Japan and the restriction of travel may prevent him from participating in the race at the weekend. Since then, […]

Formula 1 racing: The era of reserve drivers (Part 1)

With the Formula 1 (F1) season going to take place in Austria in July, the coronavirus crisis makes the reserve drivers suddenly get special attention because it is very likely that a certain driver will positive for Covid-19 and required isolation. In fact, Formula 1 boss Chase Carey mentioned this issue in a recent video […]