Hamilton caught up with Schumacher’s record (Part 1)

First place at the Eifel Grand Prix on October 11, Lewis Hamilton had 91st victory in F1 career, equal to the record of legendary Michael Schumacher.

Due to a match on the Sochi race on September 27, Hamilton could not match his senior after completing the Russian Grand Prix. It was not until the race at Nurburgring (Germany) yesterday that the British racer was longing for it since he was a teenager. However, developments at the Eifel Grand Prix showed that Hamilton’s victory was not too convincing. Opportunities only opened for him after teammate Valtteri Bottas made mistakes and had engine problems and had to give up soon.

At F1 this season, the stages he finished first came after Hamilton won the pole. Bottas’s dominance in the qualifying round and pole win on Saturday 10/10 is more or less skeptical about the chance for Hamilton to win 91. First place at Sochi seems to help Bottas regain his confidence. The development at the beginning of the race partly showed the fighting strength of the Finnish racer.

His 91st win goal spurred Hamilton to the top right from the start, and a good start helped the British racer overtake his half-body teammate as the team reached Turn 1. However, Bottas showed grimness. after the first few seconds of playing. The Finnish racer W11 immediately sped up and returned to the top right from Turn 2.

In the back, Max Verstappen (Red Bull) silently followed, waiting for the chance Mercedes duo mishandled. However, after regaining the first place, Bottas completely controlled the situation, not giving his teammate Hamilton a chance to attack again. The distance between the two W11s was maintained at almost two seconds. Although unable to attack, Hamilton was not discouraged. He keeps a steady pace at a high level so that Bottas does not get too far behind.

The pressure from his teammates suddenly made Bottas make a mistake. The late cornering brake caused the Finnish racer to drive wide in a difficult corner of the turn 1, round 13. Incredible mistake made Bottas overcame by his teammate Hamilton in the next corner. The loss of the tire after this error also caused the Finnish driver to pit in the next round and dropped to fourth.

A few minutes later, luck suddenly smiled at Hamilton. Virtual safety vehicle status is declared at round 16, because of a collision between two cars of Kimi Raikkonen (Alfa Romeo) and George Russel (Williams). The race must slow down to ensure safety. Taking this opportunity, Hamilton immediately returned to the pit to change the tire, at the same time Verstappen also returned to the technical area. After returning to the track, the two still run ahead of Bottas.

Bottas finished first in the Russian Grand Prix (Part 1)

The heavy penalty caused Lewis Hamilton to return to three, watching his Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas win the F1 race in Sochi.

Compared with the struggles of the September 26 qualifying round, Hamilton was even more difficult when entering the official race on the Sochi race on Sunday, September 27. Due to two training starts in the restricted area before entering the official race, Mercedes driver is fined plus 10 seconds. And taking advantage of the chance that his British teammate fell, Mercedes’ remaining racer Valtteri Bottas took his second victory from the start of the season, thereby shortening the gap on the standings to 44 points.

However, Bottas’s throne in Sochi was not entirely due to Hamilton’s double penalty. The Finnish racer only started third, but had the advantage of hiding the wind right behind his teammates. Starting with medium tires, instead of soft tires like Hamilton, also gives Bottas an edge over the internal duel.

Hamilton was caught in the sights of the judges as he drove the W11 away from the garage to the track. The champions initially lined up to do the starting exercise in the same area as their peers. But the British driver suddenly asked race engineer Peter Bonnington if he could start at the end of the pitlane, instead of the designated area at the exit. “It’s all crumbs, can I run for more to practice?” Said Bonnington. The W11, therefore, rushed to the end of the pitlane – the area that intersects the track – to practice starting.

According to World Racing Federation (FIA) regulations, “start-up practice can only be done in the right lane, just behind the exit light from the pit. The driver must leave enough room in the left lane. let another colleague pass. For safety and fair reasons, if there is no good reason, the vehicle must not stop in the high-speed lane, upon exiting the pit exit. And starting training is not considered a good reason in this case.

Because the two training starts out of the range, “Hamilton received two 10-second penalties, adding up to 10 seconds. The incident also means that Hamilton gets 10 points on the driver’s record, if receiving 12 penalty points in 12 months, the driver will be banned from playing one leg.

F1 racing, Belgian GP 2020 classification: The Pole cannot escape Hamilton’s hand (Part 2)

After the first run, in the final timed run of the Q1 qualifying round, although Hamilton did not roll to compete, no driver had surpassed this driver’s previous performance.

The Ferrari racer duo right from this qualifying round continued to disappoint fans when Vettel struggled to get 13th place and Leclerc ranked 15, just enough to go. next to the Q2 ranking round.

Also in the first run the defending champion immediately became the fastest interim at 1 minute 42 seconds 014 ‰. Bottas is still unable to surpass his teammate and is only 0.112 seconds slower. Meanwhile, racer Ricciardo suddenly overcame Verstappen and temporarily ranked third after the first run.

At the last run of this qualifying round, all 15 riders use C4 tires. Although the Mercedes racer duo did not improve their own performance, but the rest did not surpass their achievements, except to improve their own position from the top 3. similarly in the previous qualifying round, driver Lewis Hamilton was once again the fastest runner in Q2.

The current downside that Ferrari has not overcome is that the SF1000 lacks speed in the straight line. Meanwhile, the Spa-Francorchamps race is a place to show the power of long straight lines.

Therefore, the two positions 13, 14 on the Q2 rankings and not going to the Q3 ranking round did not surprise the fans, but only extended the disappointment with the racing team.

The red tire set is the choice of all 10 remaining riders in the Q3 classification round. Hamilton rolled first and quickly set up 1 minute 41 seconds 451 ‰, temporarily the fastest, this is also the fastest new record in a lap so far.

Teammate Bottas was still temporarily 0.578 seconds slower, while Renault’s Ricciardo suddenly overcame Verstappen when it was only 0.610 seconds behind.

At the last run is also the decisive turn, driver Lewis Hamiton once again improves himself, at the same time breaking his own record just set in the last run, while the rest no one can overcome.

The fastest record in one lap (1 minute 41 seconds 252 ‰) at Spa-Francorchamps was set, the pole was deserved by driver Lewis Hamilton because he had an excellent day of classification, extremely impressive, set and broke the fastest record in a lap here.

Bottas, though finishing second on the official race day, is 0.511 seconds slower. Verstappen is similar and is 0.526 seconds slower. Renault’s Ricciardo had an equally impressive day, fourth place on the official start day was completely matched by what he had shown during the qualifying day.

F1 racing, Belgian GP 2020 classification: The Pole cannot escape Hamilton’s hand (Part 1)

After two weeks of rest, Formula 1 2020 is continued by the 7th race of the season at the prestigious Spa-Francorchamps race.

Up to now, all advantages have returned to the Mercedes racing team as the season is slowly passing the first half of the race. However, in another development, the race has just been decided by the Organizing Committee to add 4 more races to the season, bringing the total number of races of this season to 17 races.

Both the world and fans will probably love this decision except for the Mercedes racing team, but as of now how many more races there are now, it probably won’t affect them much because they are reach the peak of strength over the rest.

Back to the main developments of the race day, driver Lewis Hamilton is still the brightest spot, maintaining his performance, the fastest in all three ratings and excelling at winning the Belgian GP 2020 race pole, thereby excelling. first played on official race day.

At the start of the race day, the weather was cloudy but not raining, the regional temperature reached 16 degrees C but the asphalt absorption temperature reached 25 degrees C, the humidity reached 61%. This is said to be an ideal temperature on a long track but will be difficult to calculate pit stop tactics for engineers.

The C4 tire set (soft red rim) is the main choice of most riders in the first round of the Q1 ranking. The Haas team racer duo appeared first at the Q1 classification and were also the riders to set up the first timed lap, in which Grosjean reached 1 minute 45 seconds 073 ‰.

However, the old chorus immediately came back when the racers like Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas, Max Verstappen appeared. On the first timed run, the defending champion immediately became the fastest interim racer in the Q1 qualifying round at 1 minute 42 seconds 323 ‰. Red Bull’s teammate Bottas and driver Max Verstappen both had a corner, so he could not be the fastest.

Looking forward to F1 racing news schedule (Part 2)

In addition to the above races are four other races in Hungary on July 19, Spain on August 16, Belgium on August 30 and Italy on September 6.

New racing schedule

As mentioned, the 8 minimum races are enough to call this the 2020 season. Of course, the goal of F1 will not stop here and they are discussing to see how the season is completed. Said CEO Chase Carey, they will announce the full race schedule “in the coming weeks” and the current situation looks very optimistic.

Thấp thỏm chờ lịch đua mới của F1

Although the schedule of 8 races does not have the original races as planned, this does not mean that the replacement of these races cannot take place. In the immediate future, the possibility for F1 to organize another race after 8 races could be in Russia’s Sochi (the original plan was September 27).

Meanwhile, because Singapore, Azerbaijan and Japan have recently canceled their races, this means other tracks in Europe need to be announced soon. Such as Mugello and Imola, both in Italy, and Autodromo do Algarve in Portugal may be an alternative or additional option depending on the situation.

Almost immediately, Haas team leader Guenther Steiner revealed that F1 could announce the second race group next week. “The only thing I know is that the end of the season will definitely end in the Middle East, with Abu Dhabi and Bahrain; the rest, I don’t know much, ”Steiner said. “F1 is trying to arrange and I think, at least, we will have more racing schedules, maybe not complete, next week.”

It is likely that the race schedule will have adjustments due to the number of corona virus infections and deaths that do not show signs of declining in the Americas, where the races are scheduled to take place in the US, Mexico and Brazil. Of these, the United States and Brazil occupy the top two positions in corona virus cases.

In contrast, China was mentioned for organizing two races and Vietnam could hold another one at the end of November after the initial plan on April 5 was postponed due to a request for social distance. festival. It is expected that the races will take place in Mexico and Brazil, however, due to the strong outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in these two countries, F1 will consider whether to take the race to Hanoi or no matter what, the season is likely to end in Asia with races in Bahrain (possibly 2 races if needed) and at Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi.

F1 racing, Spanish Grand Prix 2020: The temperature and tire problem in Barcelona

On Friday, August 14, 2020, the sixth race of the 2020 season officially took place at the Circuit de Catalunya-Barcelona racetrack in Spain. 

Vettel will have a more positive record when the 4-time runner has only got 10 points after 5 races this season.

The fifth stage of the season is the race that marks the 70th anniversary of the F1 races on the Silverstone track in England over the weekend once again creating the appeal for the fans.

It seemed that victory was easy for the Mercedes duo, but with the daring and extremely smart tactics plus the setup of the W11 is not really compatible with the tires on the track in England, Red Bull helped his main driver, Verstappen, win the final, although he was only fourth when the race started.

Đua xe F1, Spanish Grand Prix 2020: Bài toán nhiệt độ và lốp xe ở Barcelona - 1

Except for the first race that had to give up, the Dutch driver’s 4 next races were present on the podium with 1 first place, 2 second place and 1 third prize, it can be said. Verstappen is quite stable at the moment.

Returning to the Circuit de Catalunya with the familiarity of almost all racers, including in official competition and in pre-season trials, another spot on the winning podium for Verstappen is completely.

A tire explosion during the fourth race of Hamilton and Bottas led to Mercedes having to recalibrate the car setup for the 5th race. However, the new settings did not seem to be doing the job as expected, both Mercedes cars wear their tires quite quickly and affect the strategy of the whole team.

However, with the bravery of the last 6-time world champion, Hamilton won the final second place to maintain his leading advantage in conquering the 7th championship in his career.

Đua xe F1, Spanish Grand Prix 2020: Bài toán nhiệt độ và lốp xe ở Barcelona - 2

In Catalunya, although the teams have many parameters, the current race is not a small challenge. After two races struggling with tire problems, Mercedes could once again be beaten by Red Bull if similar situations continue.

In order to maintain its advantage with having a pretty perfect battle vehicle, Mercedes needs to better understand the characteristics of the Pirelli tires at the moment.

The weather in Spain at the moment is very hot and the temperature of the track is up to 50oC. In fact, the racing teams only tried and competed here around February and May, this return, with the current weather situation being a big challenge for the teams.

A blurred Ferrari race when Vettel failed to do anything and he could not earn himself any points. With a one-pitstop strategy, Ferrari did everything to do for Leclerc and the final result could only be a modest 4th place when the race is over.

With a Vettel with no motivation to play and a car unable to compete for the winning positions, it would be too difficult for Ferrari to have a strong record this season. In the current situation, they are still competing for third place with rivals that Ferrari never seems to mind.

Perez returned after 2 weeks of isolation due to his positive Covid-19 virus. That will probably give the Racing Point even more power once their familiar steering wheel is back. The race in the middle top becomes hostile again when it is predicted that the chases will continue, overtaking and will also contribute significantly to the final result of the race.

Ferrari’s Vettel and McLaren’s Carlos Sainz will have a new chassis for their car in Spain, hoping Vettel will have a better performance when the four-time rider VDT only gets 10 points after 5 races.

The C1-C2-C3 (Hard-Medium-Soft) tire combo will be supplied by Pirelli to the teams in the Spanish GP. Tactics will be able to 1 or 2 pitstop depending on the specific situation after the test runs for 2 days Friday and Saturday. Mercedes will still be the first choice, but the track developments as well as the team’s tactics will be something worth seeing in the teams’ return to Catalunya in the 2020 season.

Looking forward to F1 racing news schedule (Part 1)

Just a few months ago, it was unthinkable, but then the Formula 1 (F1) season finally took place. Even fans are waiting for F1 to announce the full schedule after 8 races are confirmed earlier.

Football today. Football news. Football schedule. Live football. Bruno recreates Ronaldo’s achievements at MU. Barca reached an agreement with Lautaro Martinez. Real close to the throne.

No spectators, a strict inspection program, members of the racing teams are limited exposure and implement social spacing measures to limit the risk of corona virus spread. However, all that matters is that the season finally takes place, with the Austrian Grand Prix opening over the weekend at the Austrian Red Bull Ring.

đua xe f1 2019 chặng đua nước đức hockenheim _ cuộc đua 50%. 34 ...

8 stages of the opening race

According to F1’s initial schedule before the Covid-19 pandemic, there were 22 races, which started in Australia on March 15, but then the worldwide crisis caused some of the first races. delayed or canceled. Instead, F1 hopes to be able to organize from 15 to 18 stages and for the immediate future, the first 8 sections extending from early July to early September have been announced in Europe.

According to F1’s plan, the races take place in Europe, Asia and then to the Americas. The problem is that the ability to organize events after September is being put in front of a big question mark due to the limited time fund, many countries have not resumed air transport. That is to say, by announcing the first eight races in Europe, it was about talking about losses and profits, F1 at least guaranteed that they could call this the 2020 season.

Hà Nội sẽ có đường đua xe công thức 1 dài hơn 5km

As you know, the season’s opening race in Austria took place over the weekend. According to the previously announced race schedule, there will be 2 consecutive races at the same track, at the Red Bull Ring in Austria and at Silverstone in England. Obviously, F1 does not call this the two stages of the Austrian Grand Prix and the two stages of the British Grand Prix. Exactly there are 2 stages of Grand Prix in each race of Red Bull Ring and Silverstone but the name is completely different. Accordingly, the next race in Austria will be Styrian Grand Prix, named after the region with the track there. The second race at Silverstone is the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix, set to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the first F1 race in 1950.

Formula 1 racing tournament in 2020: There is no one besides Mercedes (Part 2)

Three years passed and Williams-Honda dominated with a superior chassis/turbo combination, but Alain Prost retained his title at the end of the season in Adelaide after Williams’s teammates Nigel Mansell and Piquet competed with each other throughout the year and Nigel received great disappointment over a tire explosion in Australia.

By 1994, Michael Schumacher had won the first of the seven world titles on the Benetton when Williams won the title of the best racing team after the death of Ayrton Senna’s season and struggled with aerodynamics on the FW16.

Giải đua xe Công thức 1 năm 2020: Ngoài Mercedes không có ai cả ...

Five years later, Mika Hakkinen successfully defended the world title in a McLaren after a choking race with Eddie Irvine. However, that was when the lead driver of Ferrari, Schumacher broke his leg at Silverstone and missed the race.

Since then, in the last 21 years, it happened only once when Lewis Hamilton of McLaren won the world title in 2008, when he passed Felipe Massa by more than 1 point in the last leg in Brazil, and Ferrari won the championship. world for the best racing team.

And now

In a time when there were many big changes in F1 such as the budget limit, it was difficult for us to have an equal race for the riders. If so, the only way to do that is to spin the riders on the teams during the season.

Đua xe F1: Khi chiến thuật giúp Mercedes lên ngôi trên "sân nhà ...

This year, the best thing is that the season can still take place after a long period of stagnation. However, no matter how excited, in reality only one car can compete. In other words, the world title probably does not fall outside the names of Hamilton or Valterri Bottas are Mercedes.

There’s no denying Hamilton is an excellent racer, but is he on a higher level than the other competitors? Instead of giving an answer, Hamilton’s best driving in seven consecutive racing seasons helped him get closer to Schumacher’s record of seven-time championship. Remember, Schumacher also drove the best car in 11 F1 seasons, and thus, he won 91 races.

To make it easier to imagine, we compare tennis. Imagine him having thousands of hours of practice, taking care of himself, making sacrifices and eventually making it into the Top 100 in the world. He found himself on the main tour, at the Grand Slam draws but when he got there, he had to meet Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer with a wooden racket. That’s almost like the situation where 90% of F1 drivers find themselves having to face off against Hamilton or Bottas.

After all, Hamilton has dominated F1 for five of the past six years. In 2016 alone, Nico Rosberg defeated him, but the German driver was his teammate at Mercedes. And so, once again, there’s all reason to say that, aside from Hamilton and Bottas, the F1 season seems to have ended.

Formula 1 racing tournament in 2020: There is no one besides Mercedes (Part 1)

This season, only one vehicle has shown the ability to win the Formula 1 (F1) races. And this means that 90% of the drivers have no chance of winning the title. Could history not be otherwise?

The Styrian Grand Prix is ​​certainly still fascinating because of what happens to the Ferrari team, as their two riders eliminate themselves before the actual race begins.

An interesting question arises: In the 70-year F1 history, only one person has won more than one world championship with the car not winning the best team title in the same year. Who is that?

Giải đua xe Công thức 1 năm 2020: Ngoài Mercedes không có ai cả

Upstream history

It is difficult, but not impossible, because since having the best team title in 1958, about 8 years after the title for riders, only 8 people have done that. It took 15 years before Jackie Stewart won the title with the Tyrrell team, while Lotus drivers Ronnie Peterson and Emerson Fittipaldi shared more victories and the Colin Chapman team won the title of best team. Best.

Three years later, James Hunt did the same for McLaren in the epic 1976 season and was made into the Rush movie, when Ferrari won the championship for the best racing team. However, Hunt’s victory was also helped by the fact that Niki Lauda was absent from the important race after the accident at the Nurburgring race.

Giải đua xe Công thức 1 năm 2020: Ngoài Mercedes không có ai cả ...

For the next five years, Brabham’s Nelson Piquet won as Williams drivers including defending champions Alan Jones and Carlos Reutemann won the title of best race team.

That fact happened three consecutive years in the early 1980s, right after the days of using Cosworth engines came to an end and high-priced turos appeared. Keke Rosberg only won the first stage with the Williams FW08, but it was enough for him to win the title in the year when Ferrari’s 126C2 was classy but Gilles Villeneuve died at the Zolder race, Belgium (1982) and teammate Didier Pironi had an accident during a test run and ended his career at Hockenheim.

Piquet won again in 1983 to win the second of its three titles in just the second year in Brabham with a BMW Renault, while Ferrari won the championship for the best racing team.

Formula 1 racing: The era of reserve drivers (Part 2)

Red Bull/AlphaTauri

Sergio Sette Camera was seen as a substitute driver for both Red Bull Racing and Alpha Tauri earlier this year. However, the situation is complicated by Brazil’s commitment to attend the Super Formula in Japan and the restriction of travel may prevent him from participating in the race at the weekend. Since then, the reserve role has been for Sebastien Buemi, who recently raced in F1 with Toro Rosso in 2011. In case Red Bull / AlphaTauri needs a racer, they can pick up Pierre Gasly or Daniil Kvyat and The position of these riders will be reserved.

Chú thích ảnh


Alfa Romeo’s driver Antonio Giovinazzi has become the official reserve driver for Ferrari, and the Italians will be ready if needed. The team also had Pascal Wehrlein on the reserve list though the last time the German racer ran in F1 was with Sauber in 2017.


Woking-based racing team had Serge Sirotkin on standby last year. However, after signing an engine supply contract with Mercedes in 2021, they agreed to use Brackley riders. So Vandoorne and Gutierrez are both available. Racing Point also has a similar agreement. And also do not forget that Alonso still kept in touch with McLaren despite playing in the Indy 500 and therefore, the presence of the Spaniard can not be ruled out.


Renault Megane Future Uncertain As EVs Are Becoming More Important

The reserve list is dominated by young and test runners, notably with Guanyu Zhou and Christian Lundgaard. Therefore, Hulkenberg is clearly a better option for Renault, while Sirotkin has also had ties with Renault in the past.

Racing Point

Silverstone-based racing teams do not have their own riders and for several years, they had an agreement with Mercedes. In addition, the team is still in good relationship with Hulkenberg to see him as a reserve rider if needed.

Alfa Romeo

Robert Kubica is the official reserve for the Hinwil-based racing team, and the Polish driver will also be summoned if Giovinazzi takes over the position at Ferrari. Last year, IndyCar racer Marcus Ericsson was considered a substitute last year and tested the team in Austria.


Louis Deletraz and Pietro Fittipaldi are reserve riders to be considered.


In recent times, Grove-based racing teams have approached Mercedes drivers like Esteban Ocon and George Russell. However, earlier this year, they officially announced F2 star Jack Aitken on the reserve list.