Collection Of Wrestling Figures

They are dated 1990/1/2 and are all marked Hasbro.



WF Steelcage Wrestling Ring & Figures                                

Wrestling ring transforms into an awesome cage with super string ropes. Includes two real working doors and a secret storage compartment. Comes with four figures dated 1998.



This is Grins Fairy Winkles and Dimples Wee Winkles. (lost picture)

The set is comes on card and was made by Kenner - Tonka in 1993/4.

This packaging reads Folly Magic as this is a very rare German version. 


  Ghostbusters Ghost Trap   Ghostbusters Proton Pack         Star Wars Action Fleet

The ghost trap is one of the hardest      The proton pack is one of the coolest                       Micro Machines

Ghostbusters items to find complete      Ghostbusters items ever. Shown complete         Mos Espa Market Place

 fully working with lights and sounds.       with all parts cannisters, hose etc.                & Watto's Junk Yard- 1998

                                                                                                                                                                                     from Star Wars The Phantom Menace



"Angel Smurf"                                "Yoga Smurf"           "Tramp (sloppy) Smurf"  Marked underneath 84 Payo. or 93 Payo Schleich Germany




Batman Forever Figures

Made by Kenner in 1995

Blast Cape                                                   Batarang                                                    Fireguard                                                   Sonar



Hydro Claw                                                              Dick Grayson                                                         Deluxe Martial Arts                                            Night Hunter                                                               


Manta Ray                                                  Street Biker                                              Robin Cycle                                                          Disaster Control  Kenner in 1996



Peter Andre                                                                                   Britney Speears

Manufactured by Vivid Imaginations                                                          Made by Play A Long Ltd

Year of release 1997                                                                              Year of release 1999             





                                  BOYZONE DOLLS                                                                       TAKE THAT DOLLS



CONAN The Adventurer with Thunder The Battle Stallion

It is the dark & brooding Hybordian age... a time of mystical wizards,savage warriors & mighty kings! Out of the frigid North Land comes......   CONAN

Distributed in the uk by Hasbro in 1993 Ref: 8177

This was made based on the Conan The Adventurer TV series, made from hard plastic.

Conan figure comes with a motorized Slashing Action & Metalized Body Armor (Front & Back), Battle Helmet, Slashing Sickle, Star Metal Sword.

His mighty steed, Thunder ! with a pull of the string (found to the back of the sadle) watch his front hooves (legs) kick out with a motorized kicking action.

Metalized Armored Face Plate, Armored Brest Plates, Armored Leg Guards & Two Launching Crossbows (only have one) Red not Brown as shown on the box.




Original Micro Machines Miniatures Made by Galoob ~ Credit Card Playset

This credit card/drivers license playset transforms into a country adventure and includes drive-thru tunnel,stand up scenery, roadside pond and insiders storage compartment. Also comes with a vehicle and as these are the miniature micro machines these were often lost.

The reverse of the card shows all the other playsets, and the smallest micro machines ever featuring twenty sets of differen vehicles for you to buy.


Goosebumps Freaky Faces Puppet

"Shrunken Head" 

This frightful freaky face (similar o a boglin) is sure to be good,              SweetlyScented Cutie                        Top Model

clean fun for humans of all ages. Shrunken Head is one of the four           Cutie Fruiti Cupcakes                     Claudia Schiffer

very collectable puppets produced in 1996 in conjuction with the               She is called Cherry Chip and                                                  Made by Hasbro

spooky Goosebump story books.Just place your hand inside & see.             and was made by Tonka in 1990                     Model Claudia Schiffer 1995 Signed Box 99.9% sure



Hero Gladiators  Made by Bluebird toys in 1991  Battle to be a hero Gladiators never refuse a challenge there are 12 in this collection


Also in this collection is Mighty Ghengar, Wise Eldoc, Fantastic Fanglac, Swift Eywulf, Champion Loxor, Masterful Attilac & Hot Foot Hackor.


Austin Powers, Dr Evil, Min Me & Fat Bas***d. Made by McFarlane Toys.



LOST IN SPACE 1998  SPACE PRODUCTIONS. Licensed by Line Productions inc

Lost In Space "Robot B-9"    Lost In Space "The Chriot"    Lost In Space "The Space Pod"

includes an original film clip   includes an original film clip    includes an original film clip

1960's tv show - clip #40.   1960's tv show - clip #32.    1960's tv show - clip #18.                   Baby All Gone                     STINKIE from CASPER



Star Wars 11" Doll Figures 1995-1999 & some 200? 







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