Vintage Fisher Price Doll                                      Rub-A-Dub Doggie 1982 by Ideal (CBS) Company

Fisher Price doll which is dated to 1982 and his name is Stefan.                              move the lever on the back of his collar to make him shake

Sleep eyes, jointed arms and legs, blonde hair painted eyebrows.                          Stands approx 10" tall terrycloth ears & plastic red tag/collar                ATARI LYNX 1989





                                                     Ghostbusters Marshmallow Man Stay Puft                                            


Karate Kid Figure - Kreese                                                                                         Boglins - Dwork,Boink,Plunk,Flurp

This rare vintage Tri action figure .                                                                                                                                                                                   Vintage 1980's Mattel Boglin Dwork full size hand puppet.

It has a lever to make him karate chop                                                                                                                                                                         Dwork, eats olive pits, bumps into things and is very forgetful !

& karate kick and also a karate twist.                                                                                                                                                                       Plunk, eats chocolate ice cream, begs for food and is very sweet !




Vintage Thundercats Figure   Figure is stamped LJN Toys 1987 Telepix.        

 "Mumm-ra" 1985            Snarf  1986       Snowman Of Hook 1985    Wilykit 1986             Loin-o 1985                  LS-Slithe 1985?



1980's Moondreamers Plush Toy

Ursa(The Mother Bear) , Bitsy ,Crystal, Starr,Whimzee,
Made by Hasbro in 1986



                                                                                                               Pound Puppies



Paddington Bear puzzle 1988



There are sixteen in all to collect here are just some.The Robots MAXX, WRECKER, SENTINEL, SOTA & BLAZER & The Enemy HUN-DRED, ENEMY, COPTOR, VULGAR & CRUEL





Vintage Glo Worm Glo Friend     Vintage Puffling Popple - 1986 RED               Vintage Popple - 1985                     

"Doodlebug"                                                           They did not have names they just went by their colour.                                      Pretty Bit

Made by Playskool in the 80's.                              think there was six different pufflings made                                      Original label & popple silky badge.                       Ware Bear FANG & GRIZZLER 1983                                                            




Rainbow Brite Doll                                                                                                                                    Rainbow Brite Doll - Lurky Dismal    

This large version  measures approx  19" tall.                                                                                                                                                        This large version  and measures approx  12" tall. 

She still has her original label and dress.                                                                                                                                                                      He is dated 1983

She is dated 1983.                                                                                        Sprite                                                                                                      



Zugly Plush Toy                                                            My Pet Monster - Zark

These monsters came out in 1986 & not easy to find.                                                I believe his name is Zark and he comes in as new condition.

This one is in excellent condition for a vintage toy.                                                    His tush label is still present which states Amtoy Inc, 

Zugly label & colours still vibrant. He has his original                                                American Greetings, 1986 Those Characters From Cleveland Inc.

tush tag & states, Marchon Inc, Arlington Heights, 1986.                                        The Chain & handcuffs are as new so this is a great example also

He is a large Zugly as he stands approx 18" tall.                                                       a hand puppet. He stands approx 10" tall.




Vintage My Pet Monster Enemy Beastur 80's Toy                           Football Pet Monster 80's






Vintage Manta Force Battle Fortress - Bluebird 1988



TMNT Michaelangelo       TMNT Donatello            TMNT Shredder

Figure - 1988                    Figure - 1988                 Figure - 1988                                              Hasbro 1989 Sweetie Pups Toy ~ Bichon Frise,+



Talking Corky Doll Made byPlaymates 1986            Talking Cricket Doll Tape & Story Book "Cricket Goes Camping" Made by Playmates 1986

He is the younger brother to Cricket.He has a tape player in his

back and when you play the corky tape (which is included) He talks.

He measures a staggering 26 tall. Comes with his original outfit.

Trainers are so cute and are still retaining his Corky named laces,

jeans and socks are fine. Original playmates tush tag. 




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