Perfekta Doll

This doll is makerd perfekta  stands approx 5" tall and comes wearing a green felt dress and a red leather look coat. Original clothes or if they have been hand made. ?










1960's Doll Made By Perfekta

This is marked Perfekta on the back of their heads.

This blonde hair doll is a GiGi doll made for Pedigree (Fifi) and are rare to find  in original outfit.

She stands approx 7.5" tall and comes in her original dress, pants, socks, gloves and cinderella

type shoes. She also has "real" eyelashes.  This doll seems to be in tact.                                                   DAM TROLLS







Jungle Safari Game From Weetabix

This game is from 1966 and was on offer from the cereal weetabix you had to send 5' with the coupon to get in by mail order.

It comes as new in it's original box so has survived well,It consists of full instructions, a play mat, plastic animals and an explorer with gun,

to play simply load the gun with a bullet and shoot the animal targets and watch them flip over.

Each of the five different animals has an original elastic band , comes with two bullets. Which are Very hard to find Great Game.




1960's Tri-ang Z Fort Boxed + Britains Soldiers



This is wonderful c 1960's educational construction toy by Bell Toys LDT called Loony Links.

It has 45 pieces and is for making up strange animals. The set is complete and looks like it has never been used.


Buckaroo Bank Nevada Fruit Machine 1960-70's



c1950-60's Tri-ang Push-A-Long Walker Dog & A Push-A-Long Donkey



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