Bluebird Polly Pocket Playset

Snow White & The 7 Dwarfs

This playset comes complete, with the cottage itself still with all the bluebirds on,
snow white, all seven dwarfs, the wicked witch and the silver kettle.
requires one battery to operate barrel which lights up the house.
SOLD comments made
Very pleased with purchase - thanks for the speedy delivery!! 15-Oct-10 75.00

 Polly Pocket

Batman Playset.

This compact comes in the shape of Batmans

head .Opens up to reveal the Batcave power

centre. It was made by Bluebird in 1995 .

Comes with Batman and Two Face Figures,

Batmobile and pursuit Vehicle.                         


Disney Cinderella Crystal Castle

It comes with all accessories as per photo which include, horse, bridle, carriage, prince charming, cinderella with removable skirt, dressing table with removable mirror (which when the mirror is removed you can wear it as a ring !!), a love seat for the Prince and Cinderella, a revolving wedding cake archway bush and original stamper chair.

Castle has many fun features such as moveable dance floor and secret ink pad.




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