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19?? Made by Pedigree                          1984  Made by Pedigree                1983  Made by Peddigree              1987 Made by Hasbro                   1983 Made by Peddigree           Ref.No.  44663U                                    Ref.No. 42005                              Ref.No. 44765                             Ref.No. 8130                                Ref.No. 44766                  

Active Sindy Ballerina                Cut 'N' Style                       Fashion Faces                    Romance n Roses                Pop Singer



1985 Made by Pedigree  Ref.No.  42008                                         1986  Made by Pedigree  Ref.No. 42052                                               1987 Made by Hasbro Ref.No. 8150/8161                                        

Miss Sindy                                                               Disco Magic                                                                 City Girl   Match'n' Set

These were made to use up old stock outfits before the                Red satin jacket with black & silver belt, glittery legging                   In The Pink !                                      What a Peach !           

new face was issued in 1986 Registered Trademark of Pedigree      red heels.Matching the belt is two bracelets, others are                    Sindy is streets ahead ! So get smart ! Swop and Change !

Pedigree Dolls & Toys LTD Canterbury, England.                           Silver off shoulder dress, Blue & iridescent dress, Gold jacket            There are two distinctive matching sets of versatile fashions



1978 Made by Louis Marx & Co     1982  Made by Pedigree             1983  Made by Peddigree           1987 Made by Hasbro                    1983 Made by Peddigree          

Ref.No. 1000                              Ref.No. 44713                           Ref.No. 44765                           Ref.No. 8130                               Ref.No. 44766                  

Springtime Fun                 Sunshine                          Fashion Faces                  Romance n Roses               Pop Singer



1984 Made by Pedigree  Ref.No. 42004                                                                                                                                                        1968/69 Made by Peddigree  Ref.No. 12WS                          

Masquerade Sindy                                                                                                                                  Walking Sindy              

Registered Trademark of Pedigree Dolls & Toys LTD Canterbury, England.                                                                                    Fabulous navy & red spotted jacket, skirt is mainly blue with a red

Cream ball gown with lace detail & maroon ribbon.comes with matching cape, fan,                                                                       strip of red spots, red sweater/top, red kitten heels & buckeld belt.

opera mask with cream shoes.The jewellery is wine coloured necklace,bracelet,earrings.                                                               Extra item could get Yellow coat with floral trim and buckled belt.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Star Time Sindy 1973                        Sindy Blazer 1972



  Sindy Mamselle Outfits 1965-1969

   Miss Sindy                                        Blue Beat                                            Cool Cat                                         Crochet Look                                   Pop Posy                                         Gear Night Shirt               



   Hello Dolly                                        Miss Cortina                                     Miss Mod                                          Oranges & lemons                          Fan Club                                           Spring Sunday                      



   Suger & Spice                                 Wild Cat                                            Sunday Best                                    Mustard Trouser Suit                     Bahama Bound         (repro)         Op Art                        (repro)



    Sindy Outfits 1965-1970                                                                                       1986 Made by Pedigree             1986 Made by Pedigree            

                                                                                   Ref.No.  42106                         Ref.No.  42150                       

Fur Fashion                                    Casual Frock                                  Fasion Girl                                     Royal Wedding                Marie Sindys Friend      




    SINDY Still to Come...AND MORE



    Sindy's Boyfriend Paul Dressed in Mamselle & Outfits 1965-1975





     Sindy's Friend June Dressed in Sindy & Patch Outfits


    Sindy's Sister Patch in Mamselle & Other Patch Outfits





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