Fisher Price Shape Sorter

Comes complete Plastic has aged slightly over time.Is marked on the back 1974 Fisher Price Toys.It measures approx 29cm L x 13cm W x 12cm H

 Fisher Price

Fisher Price                        Fisher Price Pull

Wooden Pull Along Toy          Along Raccoon Toy             

Queen Buzzy Bee Re: 444 Circa 1962        A division of The Quaker Oats Co                                 

pull it along makes a clicking sound.            When you pull the raccoon along the

                                                                      ball she's holding turns & tail moves.




Vintage Fisher Price

Little Snoopy Pull Along Dog - re 693    Fisher Price Toy Mini Copter 448

Made in England 1965                                                             Made in 1970    

Fisher Price Toys a division of Quaker Oats Co.                    The propeller and wheels spin as you pull

Makes "barking ?" noise when pulled along.                            it along, also it makes a whirling noise.

Comes with original Lace, shoe and detachable collar.            It measures approx 7" long.

Wheel rods are at an angle so the dog can go up and down





Vintage Fisher Price Toy Bus + Little People - Wooden




Fisher Price Toy                              Fisher Price Toy                 Fisher Price Toy

Jiffy Dump Truck - 156 Made in 1970                                    Tip Toe Turtle - 773 Made in 1962                Fire Engine - 720 Made in 1968

This pull along toy, the colours and litho seem vibrant.         This wooden and plastic tip toe turle toy         This push/pull along toy colours and litho

It has the original cord on to pull the truck and once            His feet go up and down as you pull it along    seem vibrant. It has extendable pivoting

upon a time it has a little pump attached to the end              Also it makes a chiming noise as it moves.        ladder and red/yellow original fire hose

which when you pumped air down the tube the dumper         It still has the original pull cord.                      Fireman bobs up/down The fire bell rings

will lift up to empty it's load. now blow down the tube.         It measures approx 8.5" long.                         It measures approx 9" long.


Fisher Price Toy                              Fisher Price Toy "Children's Hospital"

Toot-Toot Steam Tran Engine - 643 Made in 1964                The front pulls down as per photo to reveal a hospital playset

This push/pull along toy is in great condition.                          It is stamped on the back 1976 Fisher Price Toys, East Aurora, NY.

The colours and litho seem quite vibrant.                                It measures approx 34cm L by 14cm W (when closed) by 24cm h.

 It measures approx 6" long.



 Fisher Price Play House 952

1969 1980 Fisher Price Toys Divison of the  Quaker Oats Co Made in Belgium

Beautiful little house comes with carrying handle.The house opens up in the middle to reveal four

 play rooms, kitchen, living room, adults bedroom and childs bedroom.

 I must say all the decals are complete and vibrant a very good toy that was played with many years ago.

The front door opens and it also has a working door bell. The garage door functions well,truly lovely retro toy








Fisher Price People & Vehicles

1969 1980 Fisher Price Toys Divison





    Fisher Price Till 1980's      Ball 1995?                         Fisher Price Pull-A-Tune Xlophone 1964     




Fisher Price Roller Skates 2316






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