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 ANY OLD TOYS                                                        THIS SITE WAS LAST UPDATED     6th November 2013  THIS SITE IS CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION 

 Welcome To Any Old Toys.


 We have been running this site since Oct 2009 & have been collecting toys for the past six years. We have collected a number of different & interesting items and thought it was time that we would share some of the memorable toys and quirky little treasures

which we have found along our collecting journey !!!


This is why we have produced this website to share "our treasures" which will keep on growing on this one forever changing website !!!

I am sure you can all find one of those great toys that we all had as children that brings back fond memories.


It's easy to navigate around the site by just selecting a category you are interested about from the lefthand side.

You will find there is no order as I am treating this like a lifetime scrap book containing many photo's off interesting items.


This website is just for fun and great to look through with fascinating facts that you may not know or are unable to remember.

I am always interested to purchase different or classic toys from the 60/70/80's and will gladly like to hear from you if you have anything for sale.


If anyone would like to send in some photo's of their memorable toys to publish on this website please feel free.

So its bye from me for now and happy hunting !!!!!


This site is for reference and pleasure only !!





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If you have any queries on any of these items or Answers as nobody knows everything 

or you feel we have listed an item wrongly please feel free to email us @


All images & content on this website are the copyright of Keith Wakefield 2010. Please do not reproduce any of my work without written approval first.